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Yes, these are my shoes!

By 2025, my goal is to transform 1000 companies by teaching the business of marketing, leadership, and life with frameworks. Well, the shoes keep me moving! 

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The business of Marketing

Less than 1% of marketers have a shot at becoming a CMO or retaining their CMO position longer than 12 months.


Because no one is teaching the business of marketing.

I’ve started a community specifically for emerging CMOs and current CMOs called the Peak Community. This is where we leverage the game to win.

The business of Leadership

True leadership is experienced and felt but many leaders today are failing us and we have lowered our standards of leadership.


Because no one is teaching the business of leadership.

To me, leadership is creating a sense of “belongship”. I want to show you (not just tell you) how to lead by creating an atmosphere of belonging.

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The business of Life

Those who are successful in business sometimes fail in other aspects of life. 


Because no one is teaching how to translate business skills to success at home.

I take the principles of business and apply them to life, marriage and even parenting.

Serving these organizations and more

Are you ready to MOVE?

Ideation. Transition. Execution. These are the three stages of business growth every C-suite leader must navigate throughout the life of their company. Surviving each one is not good enough. You want to thrive, evolve, and, when necessary, transform.

But who do you market to? What do you need to operate effectively? When can you scale your business, and in which areas can you grow the most?

As the markets change, so will your answers. But these four questions will help you focus on the who, what, when, and where of your business— and they remain the same. In MOVE, Bryan Brown and I provide you with a four-question framework that will reveal your next steps and propel you forward, no matter the size of your company or the stage you’re in. You’ll learn how to take your business from ideation to execution and predict your next MOVE more confidently.

You have the vision, the people, and the plan. Now you have the operating manual. This book is the go-to market blueprint that provides you with the confidence and clarity to get unstuck and level up your organization for long-term success.


My first notable gig was heading up marketing at Pardot (acquired by ExactTarget and then Salesforce for $2.7B). After 2 amazing years at Salesforce filled with optimism and courage, I co-founded Terminus in 2014 with the dream of challenging the status quo of B2B marketing and sales.

We hit $1M in revenue the first year, $5M in the second year, and $15M in the third year. Raising over $120M in 6 years, Terminus has ranked 21st on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 list and best places to work. I now have the honor to serve as Terminus’ official “Chief Evangelist” (I came up with that title ☺︎).

Community Builder

I’ve shared the spotlight with some of today’s most respected and sought after leaders such as Seth Godin, Patrick Lencioni, Guy Kawasaki and Andy Stanley. I’m the host of a top 50 business podcast called FlipMyFunnel with over 100K subscribers and I am humbled to be named as one of the top 21 B2B Influencers in the world by DMN network. I’ve had a blast speaking globally (both live and virtually) for platforms such as Leadercast, LinkedIn, INBOUND, Entrepreneur and INC.

But more importantly, I’m thankful for the community around me that continues to help me learn and grow.


Author of 3 books on Marketing. Over 20K learners have taken my course on Account-based marketing, hosted on LinkedIn. I’m always looking to conquer that next big idea!

I'm the Frameworks Guy

I teach the business of marketing, leadership and life with frameworks.

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Being intentional is more important than being brilliant

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Belongship is the new leadership

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Bring your business skills home

Let’s make your next event unforgettable

Let’s make your next event unforgettable